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PUERTO VALLARTA, Jalisco (OEM-Informex.) - The so-called "Spring of the Dead" the government of Jalisco built on the waterfront of the city,  and those who promote this tourist destination in another of the attractions of this city.

Modern, attractive in the eyes of visitors and with a modern design, the spring "Bowstring" as renamed this work, will be ready in mid-December, as announced by the engineer Antonio Saldivar Luis Zepeda, director of the Regional Unit of the State Services .

Mounted in huge piles, the internal spring is 95 meters offshore, making it quiver visitors, especially when it is supported by Catwalk "braces", similar to the "suspension bridge" in Guadalajara.

According to the explanation offered by the engineer Saldivar, the spring will have three functions, serve as a dock for thousands of tourists who visit this city through huge ships, will become special viewpoint to appreciate the harbor and the bay is used as the gateway for visitors. It is possible that the spring seat becomes beauty events.

This work, like the Convention Center, the unit called Join and remodeling the old corridor in Puerto Vallarta, and the remodeling of facades, historic downtown sidewalks and improved urban image Cuale River, constitute the opinion of Saldivar engineer, an effort to revive the area and thus generate new jobs.