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Author: Ernesto Pablo Trinidad

The smiley death is overflowing with elation,

Because Mario Neri invited her to a training session.

The boned lady was happy because there she wished to get,

However she did not know a thing about the subject.

Surely service culture phase one or culture phase two,

They are the only courses to which Mario invites.

On the way she met Alicia and Briseda who she invited.

In this way Luis Ramon was also committed.

The banquet waiters are mad to the bones

As Mario Neri, the BEO did not send.

And a coffee service at the last moment he asked.

The day of the course came and to the tulip room no one came,

Only the boned lady was there,

Impressed and scared Mario Neri was left,

And to the boned lady he addressed:

Don't take me please:

And the boned lady replied:

I'll take you if you don't fill up this room.

So Mario Neri ingeniously devised,

And to all the assistants he called,

And with so many assistants the tulip room he filled.

That the training chief jumped with excitement,

Since it was for that, that the bony lady crossed herself!.

Ooh! Mario Neri this was not my turn,

But be watchful because far I'll not move.

Mario Neri to Alejandro Olvera the situation revealed

And he answered:

¡Hey!, ¡what a lesson! The poor one endured,

Drowning in laughter the bony lady mocked.

Thank you so much human resources for your involuntary participation,

Be very attentive because the bony lady to the graveyard wants to take you.



Isaura Díaz García

Stewart Villita.

The boned lady skeleton,

From the graveyard to the lobby came,

Her drunkenness was such

That Christian Tolentino she selected,

So that now that she marries

Tolentino will be her godfather.

The skeleton said to Tolentino,

You don't know how sorry I am,

But before you leave,

Don't take the silverware,

Don't go doing the same things

That our ancestors did.

Your time here has ended,

The skeleton said,

I hope you have taught,

That famous blond,

Given that she has a big butt,

She always achieves what she wants.

Sulfur Steward smells,

Thinking in who will come,

It is the bony lady's fault,

Many will have to change,

For they have taken Tolentino

And he will not be able to save you.

The skull is leaving,

It is taking Tolentino,

How the blond cries,

As they have taken her godfather,

She has even lost her laziness,

She only cries Tolentinooooooo!


Authors: Andrés Ramos Contreras



The lanky and skinny skull

One day got to the Sheraton,

They saw her very angry

Because they didn't make her reservation,

The people passing by said

“she smelled like a graveyard”.

¡Don't get angry skull!

The Puli has shouted in the reception,

I invite you to my office

There is also air conditioner,

With this issue of the standards

Your service I have rescued.

The Puli skull commented:

Since I got here I haven't eaten anything,

I want an express service

As quick as Mr. Zavala,

With this issue of the reservation

Surely he didn't pay anything!!!

Skull, little skull

The Puli said with excitement,

With the recovered services

I only ask you a favor;

For the next time you come

To DiCaprio change his color,

An to me make me skinnier

And take away my big gut.

The skull is leaving,

The skull goes away happy

To all the mentioned

A piece in the graveyard will give you

Thanks to your services

Its vacations it was able to enjoy

The reservation of them is made

In the municipal graveyard.


Author: Saúl Navarro Ríos

Department: Security

With a lot of pleasure to all

In Sheraton we will celebrate

This month of the skeleton

We will rend her honors.

Management organizes

Little skulls and altars

In hotel and timeshare

We will participate for the first places.

Jesús Amezquita with his experience

His team organizes

With the altars to the dead

The first place he guarantees.

In the skeletons this year

A lot of participants

With pleasure we write them

The first place we will look for.

All the executives

Judges they will be,

Like good Mexicans

To the skeleton they shall not fear.


Author: Eduardo Castro C.

Working in various parts of the world Franklin was.

When death was stalking him and as much she

followed him, she could not reach him.

Happy in Las Vegas he was when death came to him

Meanwhile Mr. Padilla didn't say it but did think it!!

“Dear Franklin the hour has come” I am taking you

I was telling you of when we were in punta cana.

Mr. Franklin to death begged,

I want to die in Venezuela and death when taking him said,

I already know that I am ugly, but I will take you from here to your land.

When losing Mr. Franklin, the people of Sheraton was left sad

And they all asked themselves: What will he do with his

Good administration? Surely he now cooks for

so many great banquets, as of those there are already many

In the graveyard.

I am already leaving, I say good bye, but remember kids what I tell you.


Security Department

Security Agent

Adolfo Sánchez

We have been the heirs

Of a service with tradition,

The S recorded in our breast

That distinguishes the valor of a race of titans

Which disposed it is always

To accomplish the mission

Of rendering security.

Fabi, Diana and Azucena

Are always in the booth


Almost all the skeletons,

Because the sales team and executives

Through the pole barriers will enter.

Those skeletons wherever will act

In booths, barriers and beaches or in general rounds

Not mattering if it is low season, high or if there are rains

Whenever they are required, they will come out to help.

Skeletons like Hilario, Luis Cortez and Don Tomas

Also Don Cecilio Meza is supervising already

That all the little skeletons in the areas provide the example

Save the property, skeletons and stock holders

Always providing a kind treatment and a welcome to the guests.

I am going to say goodbye without presenting the major skeleton:

The hotel Sheraton Resort to Ricardo Alvares gave authority

And that was the ending of Aurora as Verónica relieved her

And together they reorganized the department of security.


The day of the dead is near

In Sheraton it is a pleasure

To give them a warm welcome

To our guests SPG.

Very relaxed were the security skulls

After that Mr. Fuentes left due to disability,

Without knowing little skulls that the rest will end

As Mr. Ricardo Álvarez was about to be hired.

All of the skulls of the Hotel Sheraton Resort

Began to shake before the news that began to spread,

As of Mr. Ricardo Álvarez nothing good could be heard

For those who don't work or only pretend to work

Their life of skulls were already in great danger.

Including supervisors, everyone was put to work

In booths, barriers, beach and rounds security skulls,

Verifying that the policies and procedures are accomplished without hesitation

And in the minor carelessness or fault the skinny skull will take you.

Don't get scared skeletons that it is not meant to terrorize you

As for the ones who work, Mr. Ricardo is very loving

Applying the principles of service culture

Guarantees your stay in the hotel or in the club.

In Sheraton Bugambilias Resort and Convention Center we make the

Difference giving the best treatment to the guests. It is a pleasure to serve you! ¡With

A lot of pleasure I do it! Are the three magic words in this graveyard

We use, if you think that one is missing it is because, I am enchanted!

I am leaving, I say goodby, not without reminding you

That the rule of the 10-5 you always need to apply

At the 10 steps smile fixing your sight at the guest

At the 5 you need to greet putting your hand on your chest

And give a cordial welcome.