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500plazasMore than 70% of the 2089 vacancies offered in the 2nd Job Fair held yesterday at the park Hidalgo, were covered,  the event was considered a success with the enthusiastic participation of almost 2000 job seekers across the region who came to the booths of 79 companies and institutions. In an interview, Vicente Hernández Márquez, Unit Coordinator Regional Specialized Puerto Vallarta National Employment Service of Jalisco, reported that vacancies were promoted aimed at operating, administrative, and technical professionals with ages from 18 to 55 years or more with salaries ranging from 300 to 4000 pesos 8000 and beyond.

[readon1 url="http://www.vallartaopina.net/index.php?mod=sec=loc"]Source: www.vallartaopina.net - Translation by Suyapa Ajuria[/readon1]

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The private home of President Enrique Peña Nieto was built and is registered under the name of a company connected to a controversial high-speed rail contract that he abruptly canceled last week, according to a report by a leading Mexican journalist.

The $7 million home on a 15,220-square-foot property in Mexico City's most exclusive neighborhood was built and is owned by Ingenieria Inmobiliaria del Centro, a company belonging to Grupo Higa, according the report published Sunday by Aristegui Noticias, website of journalist Carmen Aristegui.

Constructora Teya, another Grupo Higa company, was part of a Chinese-led consortium that received the $3.7 billion, Mexico-Queretaro high-speed rail contract, a project Peña Nieto showcased as part of his push to modernize transportation in the country. Opposition lawmakers criticized the rapid approval process that produced only one bidder as smacking of the insider favors long associated with Peña Nieto's political party, the institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI.

The winning consortium included China Railway Construction Corp. and the Mexican firms Constructora y Edificadora GIA, GHP Infraestructura Mexicana, Prodemex and Constructora Teya.

A government statement released late Thursday said the bidding process will be reopened to give others a chance at the project.

According to the Aristegui article, the modern, all-white house with a lighting system to cast it in a variety of colors has never been declared by Peña Nieto in his disclosure statements. It says the disclosures of his wife, former actress Angelica Rivera, are confidential. The property is connected to a home owned by Rivera.

The article did not specify what laws if any are broken by the president using a house registered under another name.

Aristegui couldn't be reached for comment Sunday.

The Office of the President issued a statement Sunday afternoon saying Rivera signed a contract to buy the house almost a year before Peña Nieto took office, independent of her husband. She had a down payment of 30 percent of the cost.

It notes that Rivera, a popular actress and singer, has the resources and is making payments to the builder, Ingenieria Inmobiliaria del Centro. Once she has paid off the debt, the ownership of the house will be changed to Rivera's name, the statement said.

According to the Aristegui article, Grupo Higa and its affiliates were granted more than $8 billion pesos ($600 million) in construction projects in the state of Mexico when Peña Nieto was governor. Eolo Plus, an air-charter service owned by Grupo Higa, ferried Peña Nieto and other officials during his 2012 presidential campaign, while another Grupo Higa company printed campaign materials.

The article was also published Sunday by the investigative magazine Proceso.

[readon1 url="http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2014/11/10/report-says-mexican-president-home-owned-by-railway-firm-that-won-bullet-train/"]Source:latino.foxnews.com/[/readon1]

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sbpvSix SMBs (Small and Mid-Sized Businesses) in Banderas Bay contributed to the sustainable tourism of the area and the improvement of their employees’ living conditions, which was reflected in the socioeconomic and environmental results from their participation in a pilot program founded by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Six SMBs from the Riviera Nayarit’s tourism sector participated in the implementation of a pilot project by The Regional Programme for the Promotion of Formalization in Latin America and the Caribbean (FORLAC) created by the regional office of the International Labour Organization for Latin America and the Caribbean (OIT), among them: Rancho Nuevo Los Pinos, El Chivero, Hotel Canadian (in Bucerías), Original El Anclote (in Punta de Mita), Osos Oyster and Sandzibar (in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle).

The premise of this five-month project was to guarantee an increase in productivity among the participating businesses in order to create a virtuous circle that would create better conditions for the workers and allow them to enjoy the benefits they are entitled to by law as formal, or full-time, employees.

The participating SMBs made significant advances using the System for Integrated Measurement and Improvement of Productivity (SIMAPRO) methodology, part of the ILO’s strategy for the promotion of sustainable enterprises.

There were 216 proposals for improvements: 48% were economic, 46% social and 6% environmental in nature. For starters, the work environment improved by 6 points per their rating system.

Sales increased by 93% when compared to the same period of time from the previous year. Thirty-five percent of the sales were attributed to the applied methodology, and there was a half-ton (532kg) reduction in waste emanating from food processing plants.

In economic terms, the savings generated by optimizing the resources needed for food processing came to approximately $36 thousand Mexican pesos. The return on investment for the six SMBs was 266%, and 50% of the initial temporary workers became full-time employees (21 positions became full-time).

The Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau would like to congratulate the SMBs for completing this program and demonstrating their commitment towards their employees, their place of business, the destination and the visiting tourists.

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playa-de-simon-a-las-afuerasThis time the international guide www.societeperrier.com recommends Platanitos and the Marietas Islands among its “five beaches to discover on the Pacific coast” of Mexico.

A new recommendation for the beaches of the Riviera Nayarit is circulating throughout the Internet! This time the kudos come from the website www.societeperrier.com, which focuses on international music, art, travel, nightlife, cocktail culture, mixology, fashion and global interests.
The article, written by Edna Pedraza—designer, fashion coordinator, contributor to MEOW and editor of Société Perrier Mexico—, extended an invitation to “five beaches to discover on the Pacific Coast.” The list includes Platanitos and the Marietas Islands, both in the Riviera Nayarit.
“On this occasion we’d like to mention five tropical paradises that aren’t as well known. They’re bathed by the warm waters of the largest ocean in the world, but we have to warn you that to get to some of these beaches you’ll have to work it like Indiana Jones,” said the article.
“The Marietas Islands are made up of two islands and two islets surrounded by natural rock formations that seem to encapsulate the turquoise-tinted water. It’s as if they wanted to keep this place a secret only for those brave enough to uncover its treasures,” it continues.
“The treasures consist of coral, blue-footed boobies, bottle nosed dolphins, a fantastic variety of marine birds and, of course, fish, plus giant manta rays, Olive Ridley turtles and even humpback whales.”
It also mentions a protected area that encourages adventure and exploration via scuba or snorkel, where visitors can even practice their mountain climbing skills!
Regarding Platanitos, it waxes eloquent about its calm waters that allow swimmers to remain in the water without having to worry about jumping any big waves.
Author Edna Pedraza continues: “Located some 25 km from Las Varas and about 30 km from San Blas, the it greets you with its very fine sand beach framed by dense vegetation. Here you’ll find turtles and trails to take you to the Cora and Tecuitata waterfalls. It’s the perfect combination for nature lovers in search of total relaxation.”
The beaches of Michigan in Guerrero, Playa Mermejita in Oaxaca and La Llorona in Michoacán round out the list.
This website has more than half a million followers on Facebook. It’s part of one of the world’s most famous brands of mineral water. The global site is published in over 10 countries, with readership in many more.
This article is just one more example of the growing interest of the world at large in Mexico’s Pacific Treasure.
Click here to read the article in its entirety (Spanish): http://societeperrier.com/mexico/articles/city/cinco-playas-para-descubrir-en-las-costas-del-pacifico/#.UuFrT9K3Wt8


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There's more to eating out in Puerto Vallarta than just "thank you, drive through." There isn't a Taco Bell here in Vallarta, but we do have McDonald's, Burger King, Domino's Pizza and a Pizza Hut. But where's the fun in that?


One of the best parts of taking a vacation is the opportunity to go out to eat for every meal, and here in Puerto Vallarta, dining out is a culinary smorgasbord. The restaurants around Banderas Bay offer a wide variety of the world's most sensational cuisines, and each November, award winning chefs from around the world come to share their culinary secrets with local chefs at the Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival.

From gourmet restaurants where meals take two, or even three, hours to fast food franchises and family-owned restaurants serving "comida corrida" at reasonable prices, you can savor the flavors of Mexico - and the world - at the restaurants in Puerto Vallarta Mexico




[readon1 url="http://www.banderasnews.com/restaurans/index.htm"]Source: www.banderasnews.com - [/readon1]

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varoadshowA brand new flight from Rockford to the destination was announced for January; the February flight from St. Louis has been extended through August in order to include the summer season; 90 travel agents were trained during this visit, which also included Chicago.

Illinois recently received the traveling Road Show sponsored by the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) together with the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta convention and visitors bureaus in order to present the “Vallarta-Nayarit, Live it to believe it” campaign.
The Road Show took place in Rockford on November 21st and was attended by 30 travel agents who received all the updates on each destination’s attractions. The support of tour operator Apple Vacations was fundamental to its success.
The team also presented the flight scheduled to fly out to Puerto Vallarta’s Gustavo Díaz Ordaz Airport for the first time; the flight will be weekly and is programmed to begin on January 27, 2014.
The new flight has raised great expectations, as it is, in fact, experimental. The vessel will be an Airbus 319 with a capacity of 156 passengers via Frontier Airlines.
Local hotels were, as always, very present. The Grand Velas, Palladium, Hard Rock, Paradise Village and Samba Vallarta represented the Riviera Nayarit; the Fiesta Americana, Casa Velas, Hilton, Crystal, Crown Paradise, Garza Blanca and Las Palmas represented Puerto Vallarta.
The Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta convention and visitors bureaus collaborated throughout. The Road Show moved to Bloomington on November 22nd, where they trained another 30 travel agents, but the big news involved the neighboring city of St. Louis, Missouri, which extended its Puerto Vallarta flight.
This Frontier Airlines flight will begin operations during the month of February, but will continue service through the month of August in order to include the summer season.
During the event Sandy Meyer, District Sales Manager for Apple Vacations, also announced a new FAM trip for travel agents through her company. The date is set for December 3 – 5 for a visit to both destinations.
Taking advantage of their trip through Illinois, the MTB and the two CVBs stopped in Chicago, where they hosted a seminar that was originally planned for 20 travel agents—30 showed up. The event was organized by Funjet Vacations.
By working hand in hand, the MTB, the Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta continue their joint efforts to promote tourism to the region.

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Hholyoly Week - Day 2: Monday Jesus Clears the Temple

The Holy Monday is the second day of the week in which the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ are commemorated."

The Easter Monday as the Catholic liturgy recalls the passage of the Anointing at Bethany, and the story of the events that occurred on Easter Monday and the expulsion of the merchants from the Temple of Jerusalem. As reflected in the Gospel of St. John.

For the uninitiated just mention that Bethany is the town where Lazarus lived, whom Christ raised, and a few days after this in a dinner with Lazarus, his family and Mary Magdalene and Judas Iscariot are present, is where the Passion begins Christ, at this time makes another announcement of his death and resurrection, and in the passage of the Anointing reference to the murmuring of Judas based on greed that premoniza subsequent betrayal ago.

On this day processions can be found allude to various passages of Holy Week, depending on the city where we are, but the most common to go on this day are the processions of ECCE-HOMO, the Prayer in the Garden ...

Sevilla are very popular in the Vera + Cruz, Santa Genoveva, Kiss of Judas, the Brotherhood of the Museum, which depart on this day.

The Seville procession Vera + Cruz, in particular, is of the oldest, is from 1448, the procession consists of two steps, one is the Cristo de la Vera Cruz + whose size dating from the sixteenth century by a sculptor anonymous ... and the other step is the Virgin of Sorrows Antonio Illanes.

Apart from Seville processions are the most recognized as the Seville Holy Week is a very important reference of this celebration, Easter Monday is the day of "Lord of Málaga", so we can find the procession of Our Lord Captive Jesus.

In Malaga procession Captive we see an image in which mother and son are on the same throne and impressive mountain of red carnations (for Christ) and white (for Virgin) that is formed in front of the images. Behind the throne of Christ parade Infantry Regiments of Regular Forces Melilla.

As this drags christ thousands of promises, many people do not expect to see the virgin but worth waiting to see how pretty the brotherhood leaves for the day.

Another of the most popular processions in Málaga this day is the Christ of the Gypsies. This is one of the oldest guilds, was formerly one of the last to leave and is now the first to depart. In Málaga Christ affectionately call this the "Senor Manuel". Gypsies feels great devotion to the singing and dancing that accompanies a bound to a column with his virgin christ image. The throne is one of the traditional Malaga called "spool throne."

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travelThe St Regis Punta Mita Resort, Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit and the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita are classified among the best hotels in the world, the best resorts in Mexico and the best family hotels in Mexico.

Every year the prestigious New York-based magazine, Travel + Leisure publishes its classifications of the best hotels in the world within different categories. There’s no doubt the Riviera Nayarit is making its presence felt.

Travel + Leisure’s monthly publication has a readership of 4.8 million. It was founded in 1971 under its current name though it was being produced since 1937 under the name U.S. Camera and Travel. It has editions in eight different countries, including Mexico.

The list of the “World’s Best Hotels 2013” looks at 50 of the top resorts around the globe: the St Regis Punta Mita resort occupies position number 45.

Its sweeping Pacific Views, proximity to the Marietas Islands, two Jack Nicklaus signature golf courses, junior suites with private terraces and more validate the choice.

“Part of the appeal of this Mediterranean-inspired property on the Riviera Nayarit is its small scale: with just 120 rooms, the 1,500-acre retreat feels intimate,” said the article.

The “Top Resorts of Mexico” picks out the top 25 in the country; the St Regis Punta Mita Resort occupies the 3rd position, followed by the Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit in 10th place and the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in the 17th spot.

All four resorts are ideal for family visits. The Four Seasons was singled out for the 2nd position on the list of “Top Family Hotels in Mexico.”

Travel + Leisure is one of the most important tourism publications in the world, which is why the Riviera Nayarit Convention and Visitors Bureau usually invites this medium when organizing FAM trips to the destination.

Click here for the complete lists: