Puerto Vallarta, A Paradise Of Natural Adventures.

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Hurricanes, Storms, and Floods.

Over the past two days, we have witnessed natural phenomena that serve as a reminder to the residents of Vallarta that we are not immune to meteorological disasters. However, in Puerto Vallarta, there is very little probability of a hurricane making landfall. This is due to its geographical location within a bay surrounded by mountains, which act as a barrier to strong winds from the Pacific Ocean. Typically, these winds degrade or pass by before reaching the city.

In the last 20 years, there have been four hurricanes that caused damage in Puerto Vallarta. These include Hurricane Lily (1971), Kenna (2002), Patricia (2015), and yesterday's Hurricane Lidia. Hurricane Lidia had a unique characteristic; it did not approach from the sea but arrived in Puerto Vallarta from the mountains. It is essential to recognize that, despite the damage caused by Hurricane Lidia, primarily in the form of fallen trees that, in turn, left many businesses and institutions without power, there were no human casualties or injuries. The most significant challenge faced today was the absence of electricity and water.

Fortunately, there were no loss of lives or injuries. The remarkable absence of casualties brings a great sense of relief, considering that Hurricane Lidia arrived in Vallarta as a Category 4 hurricane and left as a Category 2.

Living in Puerto Vallarta means enjoying a paradisiacal beach, geographically protected by the mountains, trees, and a bay that serves as an anti-cyclonic barrier.

On another note, just one day after facing Hurricane Lidia, the city of Puerto Vallarta experienced a "tromba," a hydro-meteorological phenomenon accompanied by heavy rainfall. The rainfall was so intense that it completely inundated the city for approximately four hours. This is another cyclonic event that does not typically occur in this manner and is quite rare. Fortunately, the hurricane and tropical storm season is coming to a close.