The Most Prominent Golf Tournament Begins In Puerto Vallarta.

General Activities
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The third edition of the "Vallarta Open Golf" at Vidanta.

Golf is an outdoor personal competition sport, usually played on grass and open fields, with the objective of hitting a lightweight ball into a series of holes distributed throughout the playing area, using the fewest possible number of attempts. To achieve this, a set of metal and wooden clubs, designed with different angles and to cover various distances, is used, turning those who practice it into golfers.

In Puerto Vallarta, this sport is associated with the economic elite, as it has limited accessibility for the general population and lacks governmental programs that promote and support the development of world-class golfers among those interested. Instead, it is common to find prominent businessmen and entrepreneurs establishing important connections on the golf courses. Therefore, Golf has become one of the privileged sports of the global economic elite.

With the participation of 132 internationally renowned players, including 8 Mexicans, and an estimated attendance of 35,000 people, the Vallarta Open Golf is expected to take place from February 21st to 25th. This tournament represents the most prestigious Golf circuit in Latin America. The event will be held at the Vidanta Club in Puerto Vallarta, offering great appeal to both the Puerto Vallarta region and the Riviera Nayarit. One of the members of the "Alto Rendimiento Azteca" team, Santiago de la Fuente, who was crowned champion of the "Latin America Amateur Championship" last January, will compete against the best in the world in this prestigious tournament in Puerto Vallarta. With the support of "Grupo Salinas", this will be the perfect moment to forge a successful career in the field of Golf.

From inspiring young talents to witnessing how professionals perfect their game during practice rounds, every moment at the "Mexico Open At Vidanta" is a true spectacle. On February 20th, with the presence of the Municipal President of Puerto Vallarta, the Tournament was officially inaugurated, marking the beginning of a week filled with adventures, Golf, beach, and unparalleled fun.