Vallarta Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2024.

General Activities
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Vallarta's gymnasts shone with medals.

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of dance, ballet, gymnastics, and apparatus handling such as rope, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon. It is characterized by elegance, grace, and precision of movements, as well as synchronization with music. This form of athletic art has become one of the most popular disciplines in international competitions, such as the Olympic Games and world gymnastics championships. The fundamentals of rhythmic gymnastics focus on body expression, flexibility, coordination, balance, and strength. Gymnasts perform choreographed routines that include a variety of technical and artistic elements, such as turns, jumps, throws, and catches of the apparatus, all executed with precision and grace. Music plays a crucial role in rhythmic gymnastics, guiding the rhythm and emotional expression of the routine.

On April 24th, the 2024 Vallarta Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup took place at the huge Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center, which was fully packed. The event was organized by Judge Juanita Macedo but had the collaboration of COMUDE Puerto Vallarta, the support and guidance of coaches Mayra Mondeja and Evangelina Bernal, Keny Crisosto, Karina from sports coordination, and the Sports Director of COMUDE, Álvaro Botello, who always believed in synergies among clubs and continued to promote sports in our beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta.

One of the distinctive features of rhythmic gymnastics is the individuality of each gymnast and the creativity in the presentation of their routines. Although competitions often include individual and team categories, artistic freedom allows gymnasts to express their personality and unique style through their performances. Additionally, rhythmic gymnastics promotes values such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork, as it requires rigorous physical and mental training, as well as close collaboration between gymnasts and their coaches.

One of the clubs that won several medals was Kinesica Rhythmic Gymnastics, which emerged as the favorite champion of the 2024 Vallarta Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup in class VII and Quintets. The work of the entire Kinesica team, including management and administration by Blan Gutierrez and Leo Mac, physical trainer Javier Macedo, national judge Juanita Macedo, coaches Andrea Macedo, Sarita CA, and Vania RM, every gymnast, and MIA DANCE STUDIO is recognized. The club obtained the following medals:

Quintet A VII 1st Place Free Hands

Quintet A VII 1st Place Ball

Quintet B VII 1st Place Free Hands

Quintet B VII 1st Place Hoop