The Nayarit 2023 Baseball League Inaugurated

Ball Sports
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The Nayarit 2023 Baseball League has been officially inaugurated.

Puerto Vallarta served as the host city for this exciting event. The opening ceremony featured an enchanting performance by the "Xiutla" ballet, showcasing dance, charro skills, and music. This captivating performance immediately broke the ice and brought forth the joy of the attendees, who promptly started singing along to the songs.

Following this mesmerizing display, the Marine Corps coordinated the flag ceremony and the national anthem. Prior to concluding the inaugural ceremony, the Director of the COMUDE (Municipal Sports and Recreation Committee) extended his gratitude to the attendees and recognized the invaluable contributions of the organizers, staff, and various agencies that played a crucial role in ensuring the event's success.

Devoted enthusiasts of the "king of sports" took to videos to invite others to follow and attend these events, which the Municipal Government, through COMUDE Puerto Vallarta, is turning into a reality. They expressed their appreciation, stating, "We are grateful to COMUDE and the city council for bringing forth and promoting the creation of such events. It benefits everyone in the city."

Despite the unfavorable final results of the past Saturday and Sunday, where our Puerto Vallarta Dolphins faced a 2-1 defeat, there is optimism that improved results will be achieved in the upcoming matches.

COMUDE Puerto Vallarta has extended an invitation to future events through their Facebook page, "COMUDE Puerto Vallarta." You can also tune in for the live broadcast of the upcoming match, set to take place in Santiago, Nayarit, on Saturday, the 28th of October, at 7 PM. The team will return to Puerto Vallarta on Sunday, the 29th of October, for another game at 1 PM at the Agustín Flores Contreras Sports Complex.

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