The Government Of Puerto Vallarta Promotes Opportunities For Young Soccer Players

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Coaches from Mexico's Leading Clubs Visit Puerto Vallarta

The director of COMUDE, Álvaro Botello, organized a meeting with the most prominent coaches from Mexico on Friday, September 2nd, with the aim of launching the "Selectivo Puerto Vallarta" initiative. This is a governmental program designed to promote and support young Vallarta residents in their pursuit of becoming top-tier soccer players or joining the ranks of professional soccer clubs.

This project aims to showcase the best talent from Puerto Vallarta to some of Mexico's most important clubs, including "Chivas," "Atlas," "América," "Tigres," "Pumas," "Puebla," and "Santos." The vision is to promote and instill a sense of identity and a passion for sports, particularly soccer, within the local community through a comprehensive project that strengthens the Puerto Vallarta select teams. The mission is to provide players with greater exposure to club opportunities in the youth divisions.

The benefits for young people in Vallarta who participate in this program include psychological and nutritional support, training sessions three times a week, travel expenses fully covered by the Government of Puerto Vallarta, medical and physiotherapy assistance, as well as sports equipment for training and tours.

COMUDE aims to not only empower young individuals but also strengthen Vallarta families through the collaboration between clubs and the government. Clubs commit to conducting specific tryouts according to the player's age group at their facilities. The Municipal Government will oversee the process and ensure proper training for coaches in Puerto Vallarta. Finally, it was emphasized that families play a vital role in the development of such projects.

The various representatives from the clubs expressed their gratitude for the municipal authorities' interest in supporting and considering vulnerable children and youth. Some shared their stories and experiences, in addition to congratulating the Government on this great initiative that will benefit hundreds of families.

The program is open to children born between 2011 and 2018. For more information, please visit COMUDE Puerto Vallarta.