Puerto Vallarta Makes A Contribution To Women's Soccer.

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Fifteen girls from Vallarta will be participating in tryouts for the Jalisco women's soccer team.

With the management of the Municipal Sports Council in Puerto Vallarta, significant achievements have been made, one of which is making soccer a platform of support and encouragement for the youth of Puerto Vallarta. This purpose has been fulfilled as 15 girls from the sports program "Selectivos Vallarta" will face the Jalisco Sub-17 team today, Saturday, the 17th, in the city of Guadalajara. The objective is to showcase the girls' talent so that they may later be selected to join the Jalisco team.

Through the combined efforts of the municipal administration and the talent of Vallarta, significant historical successes can be achieved. COMUDE Puerto Vallarta will continue to promote sports for the municipality, and it will be up to the people of Vallarta to continue supporting and motivating the different athletes who are excelling due to their efforts and the support provided by the current administration.

Ultimately, it will be the responsibility of the parents if their daughters are chosen through this tournament, which may require them to relocate in order to fulfill the terms of any contracts they may sign. These 15 girls represent the dreams of hundreds of women whose aspirations were thwarted, sowing seeds of frustration to avoid thinking about their own dreams. Today, life is different, and it smiles upon those who rise early.

Therefore, it is possible for these girls to travel to Guadalajara and perform their best, highlighting the importance of Puerto Vallarta. Women's soccer will gradually climb the necessary steps to flourish, and it is a good thing because Puerto Vallarta deserves quality and professional sports.

We wholeheartedly wish them a splendid victory so that they may later be evaluated by experts from each locality and ultimately select the most talented girls to be part of the most important women's soccer team in Jalisco.