Football Copa Vallarta 2024

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All set to welcome the participants.

The Copa Vallarta Football is an international youth football tournament held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from May 1st to May 5th. The tournament usually features the participation of youth teams from different parts of the world, making it an exciting and competitive event. Copa Vallarta not only provides an opportunity for young footballers to showcase their talent on the field but also promotes cultural exchange and friendship among participants from different nationalities. It is an important platform for the development and promotion of youth football at an international level.

The great soccer football party arrives in Puerto Vallarta in the 43rd edition of Copa Vallarta Soccer 2024, to be held from May 1st to May 5th, with the main venue at the Agustín Flores Contreras Sports Unit. Copa Vallarta Soccer 2024 will bring together football teams of all ages (from children to veterans 60+), in both male and female branches. A selection of the best teams from Mexico, the United States, Canada, Argentina, and Honduras will participate. Copa Vallarta Soccer has become an important breeding ground for the emergence and development of new talents in football, both nationally and internationally. Organizers expect the arrival of more than eight thousand people, including athletes, coaches, support staff, and parents.

Copa Vallarta Football generally involves the participation of youth teams, meaning players are usually between the ages of 15 and 19. These youth categories are often divided into more specific subcategories, such as U-15, U-17, or U-19, depending on specific rules and regulations. The idea is to provide a platform for talented young footballers to compete and showcase their skills in an international environment, and admission to the football fields will be free for all spectators.

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