Puerto Vallarta Stands Out As A Tourist Destination.

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Puerto Vallarta ranks first in hotel occupancy at a national level.

After a pandemic and a labor crisis, the tourist conditions for Puerto Vallarta have risen generating the opportunity to place our home as the most important tourist destination at a national level.

According to data from the transparency of the State of Jalisco, during the last vacations alone, there was an economic revenue of more than 966 million pesos, higher than last year.

Undoubtedly, one of the best high seasons after 3 years of involuntary setbacks that had more to do with world calamities and the new normality imposed by COVID 19 than for strategic reasons.

Today there are times of tranquility and solidity in the hotel occupancy that is expected for the low season in September of this year.

If this continues, a higher season could be experienced by the end of this year.

Other factors that indirectly helped Puerto Vallarta to obtain these achievements are the reasons of social conflict. For example, Cancun, which for years had been superior to Puerto Vallarta, this year presented a considerable drop.

This is due to the sociological conflicts that occurred there. A problem caused by not legislating in time the management of digital platforms for cab service, caused polarization and discontent that ended in a display of violence between two sides offering the same service.

The government's failure to act promptly caused the US to warn that it was better not to travel to Cancun, resulting in a drop in tourism. Something similar could happen in Puerto Vallarta if the conflicts generated by the State Government regarding the Vehicle Verification Center continue.

Let us hope that the two poles representing this conflict reach an agreement so that Puerto Vallarta's position remains where it is.

This year has shown that there are great possibilities of growth and development for our beautiful home that with an 18% economic growth in reference to last year we already see great benefits for all.