The Boca De Tomatlán Pier Is Ready

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The new pier in Jalisco is finally completed.

Vanessa Perez Lamas, Secretary of Tourism of Jalisco, presented the new pier in Boca de Tomatlán. Improvements have been made from the entrance street, and efforts are being made to enhance facades to improve the urban image. The State Government of Jalisco will also replace the furniture for all surrounding businesses. With an investment of 31 million pesos, it's now ready for everyone to visit the new image of this tourist space.

A pier is a structure built along the coast or on the shore of a body of water, such as an ocean, lake, or river. Its main purpose is to serve as a point of access to the water for boats, as well as to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods and passengers from ships. Piers are typically constructed with water-resistant materials such as treated wood, concrete, or steel, and can vary in size and design depending on their location and intended use. Some piers are simple platforms that extend into the water, while others may include additional facilities such as warehouses, cranes, or recreational areas.

In addition to their practical function as docking points for boats, piers can also have recreational or touristic value, as they often offer panoramic views of the water and can become popular destinations for walking, fishing, observing marine life, or simply relaxing by the sea. In many places, piers are integral to coastal life and can play an important role in the local economy and community culture.

Jalisco, known for its rich culture, vibrant mariachi music, and delicious cuisine, also hosts a coastal gem in the form of its picturesque piers. Along the Pacific coast, these piers are not only points of connection with the sea but also centers of activity, offering a unique insight into coastal life in Mexico. Located on the southern coast of Jalisco, the picturesque village of Tomatlán is known for its coastal charm and vibrant marine life. At the heart of this quaint village is its pier, a vital connection point with the Pacific Ocean. Although modest in size, the Tomatlán pier is a lively spot where local fishermen unload their catch of the day while tourists watch with fascination. From here, visitors can embark on exciting boat excursions to explore the nearby crystal-clear waters or simply enjoy the sea breeze while admiring the natural beauty surrounding this tranquil coastal town. With its authentic atmosphere and warm ambiance, the Tomatlán pier offers a window into daily life on the Jalisco coast and serves as a reminder of the close relationship between the local community and the sea.

The New Boca de Tomatlán Pier in Puerto Vallarta awaits you with its renovation. The area has been cobblestoned to facilitate access, and ramps, stairs, and lighting have been installed. It features a new dock of almost 10 meters. Come and visit Boca de Tomatlán in Puerto Vallarta.