Anglers gather to catch the biggest dorado in the bay

The fishing tournament that took place this Saturday at Los Muertos beach had an excellent response, with the participation of 114 boats with close to 400 participants; achieving a record of 123 catches in the dorado weighing zone, the star marine species in the competition, the winner presented a piece of 12.350 kilograms.

At 1 o'clock in the afternoon the first boats arrived at the weighing area in the corridor of the pier of Los Muertos beach, among those who arrived first was the boat called "Bella del Mar", whose crew presented a dorado with a weight of 12 kilos 350 grams, which in the end would be the winner with Hector Aguilar Arriaga at the head of the team. Afterwards, other boats arrived, but very few with prey weighing more than 6 kilos 900 grams, so there was no possibility for them to take the victory away from Aguilar Arriaga and his fishing team. Shortly before the close of registration time, the boat known as "Poipos" arrived at the port with a dorado weighing 7 kilograms 350 grams to take second place.

Later the boat "Tuna 3" arrived with a dorado weighing 7 kilograms 350 grams, to obtain the second place that no one would take away from them, as they were the closest to the first place. FINAL RESULTS These are the final results: first place dorado weighing 12.600 kilograms presented by the crew of the Bella Del Mar boat, which won 159,600 pesos. Second place with a 7,500 kilogram prey for the boat Poipos whose crew pocketed 111,720 pesos. And third place went to the boat Tuna III with a 7-kilogram catch, which earned them 47,880 pesos. For the time being, the Playa Los Muertos fishing tournament complied with the protocols issued by the state government's Bureau of Health, which requested that public participation not be encouraged since the food that is usually organized when the boats arrive generates crowds, something that is expected to be done next year, in better conditions to control the pandemic.

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