Boxing Night In Puerto Vallarta

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Boxing for the Family

Boxing is a combat sport where two individuals of the same weight category engage in a fight by striking each other with their fists, using special gloves, and following specific rules. It takes place within a ring or squared platform, and the boxer who manages to knock out their opponent or, if that doesn’t occur, the winner is decided by judges.

In Puerto Vallarta, a series of fights will showcase the fighting spirit of this municipality. On December 2nd, at 6 pm, the "Boxing Night" will take place at the Demonio Blanco Arena. This event will feature professional boxing with five professional matches, along with Olympic-style boxing showcasing high-level fights, including boxers of national standing. It aims to be a family-oriented event to promote boxing as a sport.

Eduardo Navarro, known as "El Güero," cordially invites all combat sports enthusiasts to attend. Local talents from Vallarta will compete against opponents from Querétaro, Guanajuato, Irapuato, Degollado Jalisco, and Guadalajara.

These efforts to promote sports aim to encourage Vallarta athletes to find a place within Jalisco's boxing scene and start a professional career in the world of boxing. Bringing competitive matches benefits the new youth promises in Puerto Vallarta.

Among the boxing stars set to appear are Adrián Muñoz, Ulises Morales, Ángel Morales, J. Manuel González, among others. The event will be held at "Demonio Blanco," located at 667 A Miramar Street, in the Coapinole neighborhood, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.