Boxing For Everyone In Puerto Vallarta

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One of the Oldest Sports Now Accessible to All.

Boxing is a timeless sport, with a history spanning at least 6,000 years. Historical records suggest that it originated in Egypt and Mesopotamia, known as "Pugilato" at the time. When it reached Greece, it evolved into an Olympic sport in the year 668 BCE.

English sailors spread this sport to various parts of the world, showcasing it when they arrived at ports. This is how it reached the United States, particularly gaining popularity in the southern regions. Amateur boxing found its way to Colombia, still referred to as "Pugilismo." The amateur boxing scene in Colombia has seen notable figures, partly due to its ancient roots, earning it the title of "The Sport of All Times." It involves the art of striking without receiving blows, employing a combat style that requires mastery of all techniques and tactics to gain an advantage over the opponent. Quick thinking, rapid reactions, speed, and agility are essential, emphasizing the understanding of perfect tactics and mastering boxing techniques.

In Puerto Vallarta, the municipal government supports initiatives to promote this ancient sport through a program called "Box Social," aiming to bring boxing to the most vulnerable neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta. Similar to ancient times, the ring's dimensions will be within a square of 4.90 meters. The ring's surface will be at a minimum height of 91 cm and a maximum of 1.22 meters above the ground. The ring's ropes will consist of three or four, with a thickness ranging from three to five centimeters.

On January 27th at 5 pm, at the "La Lija" Sports Complex, spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy 15 amateur matches in the Olympic format. The most significant boxing gyms in the municipality will collaborate, uniting their boxers to contribute to social initiatives.