Jalisco Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup 2024.

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Puerto Vallarta, present at the best Rhythmic Gymnastics events.

The Jalisco Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup is one of the most important events in the gymnastics sports calendar in Mexico. Held annually in the state of Jalisco, this competition attracts gymnasts from across the country, who compete in various categories ranging from the youngest promises to elite athletes. The cup is not only a showcase for emerging talent but also a platform for established gymnasts looking to refine their routines and gauge their competitive level at a national and international level. The event is characterized by its high organizational quality and the participation of highly prestigious judges, ensuring a top-level competition and evaluation. The Jalisco Cup has been recognized for fostering the development of rhythmic gymnastics in the region and for significantly contributing to the growth of this sport in Mexico. Each year, the facilities are meticulously prepared to welcome hundreds of athletes and their families, creating a festive and exciting atmosphere that celebrates the effort and dedication of the participants.

The Municipal Sports Council in Puerto Vallarta did great work during this competition. "The rhythmic gymnastics students from COMUDE participated very successfully in the Olympic edition of the "Jalisco Cup" and the qualifying rounds for the national competition. With the outstanding participation of 32 gymnasts from different categories, our athletes demonstrated their talent and dedication, winning a total of 62 medals from 1st to 8th place and 47 medals from 1st to 6th place."

Our Vallarta champions and runners-up are:

Roxana I. Dias (Class VB Champion)

Natalia Z. Castillo (Class VC Champion)

Nataly J. Moreno (Champion in clubs and Class IIIB runner-up)

Ariadne Dueñas (Class VB runner-up)

Ariana Navarro (Class IIA ribbon runner-up)

Jimena Rubio (Runner-up in ball and clubs, Class IIB)

One of the highlights of the Jalisco Cup is the diversity of its categories and competition modalities. Gymnasts compete in individual and group events, using various apparatus such as rope, hoop, ball, clubs, and ribbon. This variety allows athletes to showcase their versatility and technical skills, while the audience enjoys a spectacle full of grace, precision, and creativity. Additionally, the competition includes exhibitions and special presentations that enrich the experience for both participants and spectators. The Jalisco Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup is not only a sports event but also an opportunity for integration and interaction among athletes, coaches, and families. At the conclusion of the competition, award ceremonies are held to celebrate the achievements of the gymnasts and promote the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Therefore, this event not only promotes gymnastic talent but also strengthens community ties and promotes the values of sports, making the Jalisco Cup a comprehensive celebration of sports and youth.