A Stronger Mexico With Shared Prosperity.

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Prioritizing common ground to enhance Mexico's economic development was the message shared by the candidate of the coalition "Let's Keep Making History" for the Presidency of the Republic, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, at the 2024 National Meeting of BBVA Mexico Regional Counselors held in Mexico City on May 6th, 2024. "What I want to tell you, the counselors of Bancomer, is that we will do very well, the country will do well, we are in a very good moment for Mexico; there will be things we may not agree on, but if we focus on the things we agree on and this vision of investment in the country in an organized, planned manner, I am talking about all of us contributing the regional strengths that allow us to enhance not only regionalization but also the great potential that Mexico has (...) Mexico is one of the countries that receives the most engineers in the world; that national talent and the potential of education will serve us very well in the next six years and I am excited that we can continue working together," she expressed.

She pointed out that one of the strategies to boost the economy in this second stage of the Transformation is to promote housing construction through INFONAVIT, which will generate more jobs and more public and private investment. "What do we plan to do to keep the economy going? Housing. The potential of INFONAVIT is enormous, and if we plan it from this year to build housing next year, we will have jobs and we will have construction that will allow the economy to continue flowing as we boost private and public investment," she emphasized.

She assured that during her six-year term, the economic policy of the 4T will be strengthened, so she showed her interest in Dr. Rogelio Ramírez de la O remaining as head of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP). "My first task on June 2nd is to speak to Dr. Ramírez de la O and I hope he accepts to stay at the Ministry of Finance for a while," she acknowledged.

During the presentation of her Shared Prosperity project, she emphasized that Mexico has great development potential for the coming years, due to the economic stability and relocation opportunities. She explained that this relocation should generate productive chains, technological transfer, and innovation, linking scientific research with strategic sectors; since territorial planning for development, with public infrastructure, enhances private investment and development.

She specified that her vision is to guarantee development with well-being and sustainability, translating into well-paid jobs for workers and environmental care. Finally, she stated that Mexico has a healthy banking sector, but efforts need to be made to improve access to credit for small and medium-sized enterprises.
"Our goal is a stronger Mexico, with shared prosperity," she concluded.
claudia bbva