Important To Preserve The Jaguar In The Bay

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Experts call for the coexistence of this species with humans

Coexistence between the jaguar and the community without mutual threats is possible, and for this, it is important to know more about this magnificent species. Visitors and locals must learn about the importance of these specimens, their threats, their relationship with humans and the health of ecosystems, through appropriate research and management practices".

This was stated by Councilwoman Sara Mosqueda Torres, president of the Public Safety and Transit Commission, who with the representation of the municipal president participated in the inaugural ceremony of the First Jaguar Festival in Puerto Vallarta, which took place this Tuesday within the framework of the project 'Integrated management of jaguar habitat through community participation in western Mexico', implemented by FONNOR (Northwest Fund) A. C. and the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), in coordination with the municipal government's Subdirección de Medio Ambiente.

In the framework of the World Jaguar Protection Day, before the public that gathered at the open air theater of Los Arcos del Malecón, he added that "as a government, we thank and highlight the hard work of the various organizations, agencies and conservationists, who, working together with the communities, carry out research and awareness processes to protect the habitat of the jaguar and guarantee its preservation, which has been so threatened".

Finally, he assured that only with the sum of wills will it be possible to conserve the environments in which the jaguar lives within the municipality.


For her part, the Director of Urban Development and Environment, Adriana Guzmán Jiménez, emphasized that the people of Vallarta live in a place privileged by nature, with an enormous biodiversity, but unfortunately sometimes, due to the day to day, we dehumanize ourselves and do not turn to see and much less take care of the plant and animal species, such as the jaguar.

As part of the Jaguar Festival there was an interesting program with various activities to raise awareness among visitors and inhabitants of Puerto Vallarta, addressing topics such as the importance of this species, its threats, its link with both human health and the ecosystem.

Presentations were prepared on: Generalities of the jaguar by Dr. Juan Pablo Esparza Carlos (CUCSur); Jaguar friendly livestock by MVZ Marina Alvarez (FONNOR); The jaguar and its importance in the ecosystems of Puerto Vallarta by Dr. Rodrigo Nuñez Perez (Jaguar Alliance); and a panel with young people from the Colectivo Yaguares de Occidente, moderated by Maria de Jesus Garibay Campos and Leonardo Campos Cordero. On the cultural side, there were workshops, choral poetry and a photographic exhibition.
Also present were the director of Inspection and Regulations, Hortensia Dueñas Salcedo; Paula Bauche Petersen, executive director of FONNOR, Lizet Núñez from CONANP's Sierra de Vallejo Natural Protected Area, Bartolo Cruz Romero, researcher from CUCosta, as well as students from the Teresa Barba Palomera school and from different high school and university campuses.

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