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Local products can now be purchased on site

As part of the “Jalisco Crece tu Marca” program promoted by the state government, the Kiosko company in coordination with the municipal government, this Friday was held the presentation of local products that were part of the training so that their entrepreneurship can be offered in the stores of the Kiosko commercial chain and thus strengthen their businesses.

This was the second day of activities which also concluded the series of trainings to micro, medium and small merchants from Puerto Vallarta, San Sebastian del Oeste, Tecolotlan, Mascota and Talpa, among other municipalities in the region.

Aldermen Pablo Ruperto Gómez Andrade, Christian Eduardo Alonso Robles and Sara Mosqueda Torres congratulated the entrepreneurs for this great step they are now taking to grow as businessmen but also, to grow the region.

“All these products are part of our culture and we have to motivate others who perhaps did not dare or could not come but here a call for us to make strength by joining other similar ones, we know for example coffee is a prodigy fruit of our region, also here among the promoters we have to motivate others to make a bigger event,” said Councilman Pablo Ruperto Gomez.

This message was joined by the mayor Christian Eduardo Alonso, who invited other companies to join in this work done by the Kiosko chain to give opportunity to small businessmen.


Regarding this joint effort, the director of Tourism and Economic Development, Christian Preciado Cázares, affirmed that “Puerto Vallarta is working hand in hand with the state government to help the producers and this is a great example of this. This is a small step of what we are doing but we hope that year after year it will grow and we will have more participation of regional products.

Estefanía Flores Baca, western regional coordinator of the Secretariat of Economic Development of the State of Jalisco (SEDECO), thanked everyone for their participation and “the drive they have for moving forward, developing their products, having the determination to develop without any support at times; a nice collaboration, that when we work as a team we can achieve great things”.

Esteban Verdín Aguilar, Kiosko’s Public Affairs Manager, thanked the City Hall for opening the doors to the generation of these projects, as well as the state government “Puerto Vallarta is a very important part, without a doubt the president and the City Hall have done an extraordinary job in order to support local producers from the subject of tourism, the subject of entrepreneurship; also the state government, then we seek to generate conditions by giving training to local producers and hand in hand with government institutions so that their product can be a stable product”.

Martha Ibarra Amarillas, Deputy Director of Business Development, congratulated the entrepreneurs because their work is reflected today in each of their products that will have more projection through the Kiosko stores, “and especially the initiative that arises from them to include artisan products and products of the region that can be in their stores”, wishing that they can continue preparing in the business environment to have the bases and foundations that allow them to grow with the strength that is required as a company".