Progress Of El Zapotillo Construction Works Reported

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Governor Enrique Alfaro and AMLO , evaluate the progress of these works.

The governor of the state, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, and the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, toured the works of El Zapotillo Dam to evaluate the progress of this project that will guarantee the water supply for the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (AMG) for the next 50 years.

The state governor highlighted the importance of this works review, as he was able to confirm the great progress in the construction of the reservoir.

“It was an interesting exercise, we were able to see how the El Zapotillo dam is progressing, and all the works that are being done in the conduction system that goes from El Zapotillo to the El Salto dam, then to the Red dam and Calderón dam are on schedule,” said the governor.

Alfaro Ramírez assured that Jalisco has already purchased 100 percent of the land needed for the construction of branches of the Welfare Bank in Jalisco, in order to have a better dispersion of federal programs in the state.

In addition, the Governor of Jalisco also asked the President to provide resources for a maintenance package for federal highways located in Jalisco, particularly the project to widen the Nogales and Lopez Mateos highway.
“I felt that the President was very committed and very willing to help us,” said the President.

It should be noted that President Andrés Manuel’s visit to Jalisco was part of a tour to review the aqueducts of La Laguna, in Durango and El Cuchillo II, in Monterrey, as well as El Zapotillo Dam, in Jalisco. The three works mean water for 3.2 million inhabitants, with an investment of 26 billion pesos; they will be completed this year.