Vallarta Hosts The 12th Annual Housing And City Meeting

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This event is taking place in this city.

The 12th Annual “Housing and City” Meeting of the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (CANADEVI) Jalisco was inaugurated this Wednesday.

With the purpose of generating strategies to promote the housing that the families of our state require the most.

Mayor Luis Michel attended to inaugurate this meeting and affirmed that it is a key piece for the proper development of a society that promotes the welfare of people, without excluding companies and entrepreneurs that drive the growth of our societies.

For this reason, he affirmed that his government privileges efforts so that investments find in the municipality a safe place in all aspects and in this way, contribute to the economic recovery of all sectors.

“Businessmen keep coming here, as well as you, because Puerto Vallarta is a safe place to invest because there is recovery of your investment”.

The mayor emphasized that the destination has made a great joint effort with the tourist sector to promote it around the world, in which the realization of great events that have projected Puerto Vallarta in many countries has been fundamental and as a consequence, the recovery is palpable because more and more visitors arrive to enjoy the benefits of this place privileged by nature.

.Also present at the ceremony were state officials such as the Secretaries of Infrastructure and Public Works, David Miguel Zamora Bueno; of Transportation, Diego Monraz Villaseñor; and of Integral Water Management, Jorge Gastón González Alcérreca, as well as from Infonavit, among them the sectorial director of the workers, Mario Macías Robles.