Why Do Woodpeckers Nest In Puerto Vallarta?

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The Urban Paradise for Woodpeckers.

Woodpeckers are fascinating creatures, and in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, they have found their urban haven. Among the various types of woodpeckers, the smallest ones are known as "Melanerpes chrysogenys," and they inhabit a significant portion of Puerto Vallarta's territory. These woodpeckers can be easily recognized by the yellow feathers on their heads, and they are the smallest in comparison to their fellow species.

According to Claudia Velázquez, a biologist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), these beautiful woodpeckers prefer to live in live trees that are not too tall, unlike other woodpecker species that choose large, dead trees. That is why the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta is an ideal place for the Chrysogenys woodpeckers, as they have selected palm trees as their favorite nesting sites.

The local community is already accustomed to coexisting with these beautiful birds, observing them, and listening to their natural drilling sounds. Some even have the ability to distinguish between males and females. On the other hand, the woodpeckers have developed a unique bond with humans, no longer feeling as intimidated by their presence.

The Chrysogenys woodpeckers nest in the live palm trees of Puerto Vallarta because they prefer the freshness of their interiors. These woodpeckers migrate from the Cuitzmala Jungle, located two hours away from Puerto Vallarta. They are the beautiful birds that we encounter every day.

Although there is already a coexistence between woodpeckers and humans, it is crucial to allow them to remain free and not disrupt their daily routines. Interfering with their lives could alter their conditions and potentially lead to a significant ecological problem, resulting in the extinction of these jungle species in our lands. We must cherish the great beauty and uniqueness of this beautiful port and join forces to preserve this paradise rather than destroy or replace it with something less pleasant. Let's enjoy the incredible diversity of birds that inhabit the gardens of Puerto Vallarta.