Airport Breaks Records In Passenger Arrivals

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March has been the month with the highest number of flights arriving at the Puerto Vallarta airport.

Since the beginning of March hundreds of flights with passengers from different parts of the world have arrived at Puerto Vallarta's international airport. Different factors have had an influence such as the sanitary measures maintained by the airport, the reactivation of the tourist sector and the economic reactivation, which has caused national and foreign tourists to choose the beaches of the destination for their vacations.As a result of the economic reactivation of the tourism industry in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, this winter season has registered important "peaks" in the arrival of tourism by air.

The Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) counts in its recent records that the international airport of this city registered during this month of March one of the days with the highest number of flights and passengers received.

It was last Saturday, March 12, when the air terminal broke the record in the history of the airport with the highest traffic, with 259 flights, between domestic and foreign.

According to GAP, the infrastructure of this region's international airport will make it possible for 2,381 flights to arrive at the destination during the month of March, of which 882 are domestic flights and 1,499 are from international markets.

These flights will also achieve a historic figure with an increase of 43% compared to last year (1,660 flights), 8% compared to 2020 (2,200 flights) and 6% compared to 2019 (2,255 flights), prior to the coronavirus pandemic