More Buses Will Operate To Avoid Long Lines

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The transportation service operating in Vallarta announced the arrival of more units.

Due to the high season and the need to improve the public transportation service in Puerto Vallarta, 45 new buses have arrived in Puerto Vallarta to provide the service, informed Luis Romero Chavez, president of UNIBUS PV, who explained that the reason for the delay of buses at the stops was due to the lack of approximately 60 units that were not in circulation, which was delaying the operation.

"We had a problem with 60 public transportation buses in Vallarta, this was causing us chaos. After several talks in Guadalajara with the Secretary and Engineer Amilcar, we were able to obtain the support of some units that were in Guadalajara on behalf of the government in order to give more fluidity to Vallarta.

As of this week we will see more units circulating through the streets of Puerto Vallarta, which will avoid long lines of people, especially since it is already high season, and it will be important to have more units in circulation to avoid large groups of people waiting for the bus.

Forty-five more units will be incorporated in Puerto Vallarta, 20 in white and 25 labeled in green, which will be seen in the city.

The company also informed that the problem with the buses was the lack of parts to repair the units due to the lack of shortage of these parts in the United States.

Regarding the air conditioning issue he explained that the fact that the units used in Puerto Vallarta run on natural gas makes their repair more complicated and therefore the delay of the parts, for which he thanked the users for their patience.

Regarding the issue of air conditioning it has been complicated to maintain the units with this service in Vallarta because the routes run on land, which affects their operation.

Finally, he informed that all public transportation now has free internet access for the users, who will be able to have the password in the units themselves.

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