State Attorney General's Office Alert About Car Rental Frauds

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The individual, who identifies himself as Luis Angel Ricardez Mendez, poses as an employee of the State Attorney General's Office.

The Attorney General's Office of the State of Jalisco is calling on society in general to be alert about a fraudulent method used by an individual who identifies himself as Luis Ángel Ricárdez Méndez. Through the social network Facebook, this individual is offering two pre-owned vehicles for rent, with the purpose of using them for the passenger transportation service that operates through a digital platform. Several people have reported having been victims of the individual in question, who poses as a worker of the Attorney General's Office, through ads that are displayed in different commercial groups on Facebook. The subject promotes the alleged rental of two recent model cars, to provide the private transportation service known as InDriver. It is known that the offender negotiates via telephone with the people interested in renting the cars, who are asked for a deposit and are then summoned to the Attorney General's Office to deliver the agreed unit, but when the victims look for him, they realize that they were the object of fraud, as the subject is not located and no longer answers calls or messages. As it is presumed that there may be more victims of this crime, the citizens are asked to be alert and in case they have been defrauded with this modus operandi, to file a report with the ministerial authorities.

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