There Are No Damages To The Cuale Vehicular Bridge.

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It was found that the cracks on the road surface are superficial and do not represent any risk.

Motorists who use the bridge to travel to the Romantic Zone and from Olas Altas to downtown Puerto Vallarta, will continue to circulate without any problems. A series of measures were carried out to determine that the structure is working correctly, therefore circulation will continue to be open to the public without any problems. Derived from a citizen complaint about a possible damage to the Cuale River vehicular bridge, the Civil Protection and Fire Department of Puerto Vallarta, together with the College of Architects, carried out an inspection of its structure, ruling out any structural risks or risks to the population.

The head of the Civil Protection and Fire Department, Gerardo Alonzo Castillon Andrade, announced that a review of the bearing decks, columns, bases and approaches of this bridge was carried out, where no structural damages were found, only some superficial cracks caused by having filled the expansion joints of the bearing plates with asphalt at some point. Therefore, the contractions that normally occur in these materials, as well as the vibrations, caused these marks that do not represent any danger for this work. "The present cracks do not represent any risk for the use of the structure," said the official, emphasizing that it will be necessary to change the asphalt for neoprene joints, as it is the appropriate material for the union of the joints of the bearing surface, which will prevent these superficial problems from occurring again.

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