Canadian "Freedom Convoy" Blocks Main U.S.- Canada Border Crossing

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Canadians anti-vaccines groups blocked with trucks and vans since Monday the Ambassador international crossing

Canadian anti-vaccine groups that have been protesting for days against the measures applied due to the COVID pandemic have kept the main border crossing between Canada and the United States blocked with trucks and vans. Drivers of the self-styled "Freedom Convoy" have been blocking since Monday the Ambassador international crossing, which links the city of Windsor (Ontario, Canada) with Detroit (Michigan, USA), and is the busiest crossing between the two countries. The Windsor Police reported Tuesday on its social networks that "congestion" continues in the area and urged drivers to seek "alternative" routes, such as the Blue Water Bridge, which connects Sarnia (Ontario) with Port Huron (Michigan).

Earlier in the day, Windsor police called on protesters "not to endanger public order" and warned that "those who commit crimes will be investigated and charged". More than 60 % of Canadians are opposed to the protests that the anti-vaccine movement and radical groups have been holding for the past 11 days in the capital, Ottawa, to protest against the measures to contain the pandemic, according to a survey released. In an emergency debate in Parliament's House of Commons on Monday night, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared that after more than a week of occupying downtown Ottawa, the protest "has to stop" and the demonstrators have to return to their homes. Trudeau also stated that the protest is "blocking" Canadian democracy and economy.

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