China to Mexico: We Will Never Forget that they were the first to collaborate in the COVID-19 pandemic

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The Asian country's ambassador to Mexico, Zhu Qingqiao, said that everything possible is being done to strengthen the airlift for the acquisition of medical supplies.

During the first months in which COVID-19 infections were registered in China, the Mexican government was among the first to collaborate, which "we will never forget," said the ambassador of the Asian country in Mexico, Zhu Qingqiao.

"Today Mexico is in a critical phase due to COVID-19, a situation that China understands a lot. Efforts are being made to strengthen the airlift for the acquisition of medical supplies," said Qingqiao, during the tenth arrival with medical supplies from Shanghai. On tuesday night.

For his part, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, highlighted the bilateral solidarity relationship between Mexico and China to attend to the health emergency due to COVID-19.

The chancellor stressed that this is the first with a load of 48 ventilators for those patients, who, due to the severity of their condition, need to be intubated.

During his speech, Marcelo Ebrard acknowledged the relationship between Mexico and China and noted that the support is mutual and will continue to strengthen, after another 10 flights with supplies and medical supplies are still awaited, which will be distributed through Insabi (Health Institute of Wellness) to Mexican medical personnel.

Also present during the arrival of the tenth shipment to the hangar of the sixth group of the Mexican Air Force were the secretary for multilateral affairs, Martha Delgado; the commercial economic adviser of China, Zou Chuanming and Miguel Zhang of the Meheco Corporation company.

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