New Measures For Covid Travelers

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The U.S. government asks international travelers to take a covid-19 test three days before boarding planes bound for the United States. 


So a wave of doubts has been unleashed by North American foreigners, as to whether the hotels will have the service to do the tests, or whether they can be done at the same airport before leaving Puerto Vallarta.

 So far some hotel representatives are gathering all the information, in order to issue a joint statement with the Promotion Trust to guide future visitors. The local tourism sector fears that this measure will inhibit future travel by North Americans, who consider it a nuisance and an extra expense to have to take the covid-19 test before returning from their vacation. 


That's right, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention added as a requirement for entering the U.S. to have a negative test. Passengers wishing to travel by air to the United States will be required to provide documentation in paper or electronic format that they have taken a viral test and that the result has been negative, within three days prior to the flight. 

In a second case, they will have to provide documentation, which proves that they have recovered from the coronavirus. The requested papers may be a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or viral antigen test. These tests must be submitted to the appropriate airline before boarding, so airlines may deny access to those who do not provide documents. 

CDC recommends that travelers have another viral test within three to five days of arrival in the United States. They should also stay home for seven days after any trip. 

The Covid-19 test application also applies to citizens and legal residents entering the U.S. The CDC order, as well as the new requirements, will be effective January 26, 2021. The CDC order includes private flights and general flights. 

In case of arrival to the United States by direct flight, the covid-19 test must be performed three times before the traveler's departure. In case of arrival with one or more connecting flights, the test should be done within three days before the first flight of the Itinerary.