Russia Announces Ceasefire In Mariupol

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Thousands of refugees at steel plant could leave

After Russia’s attacks on Ukraine during the conflict, in which thousands of innocent people have died, it seems to have come to an end, after Russia recently announced a ceasefire at the Mariupol plant.

President Vladimir Putin argued that the “special military operation” in Ukraine was necessary because the United States was using Ukraine to threaten Russia, and Moscow had to defend itself against the persecution of Russian speakers.

Putin, who claims that Ukraine and Russia are essentially one people, presents the war as an inevitable confrontation with the United States, which he accuses of threatening Russia by meddling in its backyard, and expanding the NATO military alliance.

For the first time, Putin, Russia’s president, has spoken of his dissatisfaction with the United States for supporting Ukraine, armoring it with weapons against him.

For his part, Russia’s ambassador to Washington warned the U.S. against sending more weapons to Ukraine. “We stress how unacceptable this situation is when the United States of America pours weapons into Ukraine, and we demand an end to this practice “ said Anatoly Antonov, during an interview on Russian state television.

The Kremlin had previously warned the United States , in an official note , of the “unpredictable consequences” of the delivery of advanced weaponry to Ukraine.

This days before Russia will announce a ceasefire in Ukraine. Russian President Putin said there would be no winners in a conflict between NATO and Russia, which has the largest arsenal of warheads in the world.

In this conflict between Russia and Ukraine, several countries have been involved, especially the United States for its support with Arsenal to Ukraine, which has caused this war-conflict has gotten out of control, causing thousands of deaths to the point of mentioning a third world war.

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