USA Accelerates Vaccination Process

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The accelerated vaccination in the United States will represent the gradual arrival of North Americans to Vallarta. 


The massive vaccination in the United States with a supply of up to two million doses per day has generated optimism among the hotel sector of Puerto Vallarta, which has Americans as its main market. The vaccination plans of the American Union, as well as those of other powers such as Canada, which are injecting 450,000 vaccines a day, and which also represent a volume of tourists to the coasts of this region are accelerating the remission of the virus, and although the change will not be drastic in travel habits, it does give hope for the next periods, very close to the date. 

The latest data show that the number of new infections worldwide is around 300,000, three times less than a month ago, which is important for the tourism industry. In the opinion of Alvaro Garciarce, leader of the Port's Hotel Association, there are optimistic signs that should be taken advantage of to maintain promotional campaigns in North America. In the United States, for example, the number of infections has already dropped from 90,000, when they exceeded a quarter of a million, so that in the summer and most probably in the coming winter, American travelers will have more confidence and plans to travel to this region.

The situation gives hoteliers in the region of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit the hope of programming more encouraging expectations for the upcoming seasons, especially for the second semester of the year. He also recalled that the young tourism represented by spring breakers represents between 30 and 50 thousand North American students during this vacation period.