Beaches Closed In Vallarta, Due To The Passing Of “Roslyn”

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Authorities ask to take precautions

Members of the Scientific Monitoring Committee of Civil Protection of Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay met this Friday to follow up on hurricane "Roslyn" in the Mexican Pacific.

Its members alerted the population and visitors about the possible effects it will cause in this region, after the beaches will remain closed today and possibly also on Sunday.

Headed by the municipal president of Puerto Vallarta, Professor Luis Alberto Michel Rodriguez, meteorologist Victor Cornejo Lopez, gave the details of this system, based on the projections of the established models and the National Hurricane Center of Miami.

Therefore, it is foreseen that the phenomenon would be passing in front of the bay 41 kilometers off the coast, as a category 2 hurricane, between Saturday night and early Sunday morning, to later impact the north of Nayarit.

He indicated that moderate to heavy rains are forecast in this region, which could raise the levels of rivers, streams and canals, as well as landslides; in addition to strong gusts of wind and high waves in the bay, hence they called on the population to be prepared and take the necessary precautions, especially those who live in risk areas, on the banks of streams, canals, high ground and hillsides.

State and municipal Civil Protection authorities in both states and municipalities are ready to attend to the population and visitors, making the necessary recommendations in vulnerable and high-risk areas due to the rains, as well as to the tourism and hotel sector in the coastal area to take precautions in the event of a possible evacuation in some lodging centers, as well as the transfer of tourists to safer places.


On the part of the municipal, state and federal authorities, they said they were prepared to act in support of the population when required, with personnel, machinery and equipment, as well as temporary shelters ready to be activated by the DIF systems.

Both the Navy and SEDENA also said they were ready to implement their emergency plans in support of the civilian population, while the Port Captaincy announced the closure to navigation to small boats outside the bay as of 06:00 hours this Saturday and in the afternoon the definitive closure of the port.

Likewise, the head of Civil Protection and Firefighters of Puerto Vallarta, Gerardo Castillon Andrade, informed that the closure of beaches is foreseen as of 18:00 hours this Saturday, and a yellow flag will be maintained during the day.

Representatives of the CFE will be waiting for the evolution of the phenomenon to activate the Contingency Plan. The different IMSS hospitals are also prepared and stocked with the necessary supplies to attend to their patients.

The municipal president reiterated the call to be forewarned and prepared, and said that "it is better to foresee than to remedy".

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