City Hall Suspended Administrative Work

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In the past days, due to hurricane "Orlene".

As a preventive measure, due to the proximity of hurricane "Orlene", the municipal president Luis Michel Rodriguez, announced that the administrative activities were suspended by the different departments of the City Hall.

The measure was announced as a recommendation by the Civil Protection and Fire Department, in order to avoid exposing both workers and citizens to the effects that the storm could cause in our municipality and our region.

Mayor Michel also urged citizens not to expose themselves and to avoid crossing rivers or streams during hurricane season, as well as to be attentive to the recommendations of the authorities, especially for people living in risk areas.

Among other measures, classes were suspended in schools and schools are doing the same to warn their students.

It is worth remembering that since last Friday, emergency bodies have maintained a constant monitoring of the evolution of hurricanes that may continue to occur at this time, carrying out preventive actions in neighborhoods located in risk areas, monitoring sea conditions, which on occasions have been raised from alert status to red flag due to a possible increase in waves.

In addition, establishments located at beach level were informed so that they could take the necessary measures and secure their property.

Likewise, sewers and storm drains have been checked to prevent flooding in the event of rain and to prevent water from draining.

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