Fallen Trees.

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Saturday Storm Leaves Dozens of Fallen Trees.

The imposing storm on Saturday, in addition to rendering several avenues impassable, also left dozens of trees fallen, strewn across roads, streets, and pathways. It is important to note that there were strong hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall, turning the avenues into natural rivers.

The following day, what could be observed were dozens of trees lying on the streets—trees that undoubtedly helped mitigate the intense heat experienced in Puerto Vallarta. However, it is necessary to be aware that the city was already experiencing excessive deforestation, leaving it with less oxygen day by day.

Hence, reforestation becomes imperative for conscientious citizens who understand that a healthy ecology leads to a better quality of life, less pollution, cleaner oxygen, reduced heat, more shade, and more shelters for birds.

Therefore, it is essential to establish a reforestation plan that addresses the severe ecological issues Puerto Vallarta could face with fewer trees. The best way to achieve this is by organizing the Vallarta community to plant as many trees as possible in honor of the fallen ones. We all need a better world, more oxygen, shade under the intense sun, and the morning song of birds, and we cannot have these without trees.

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