Hybrid Solar Eclipse This Week!

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What does it mean astrologically?

Between April 19 and 20, a very unique astronomical event will take place as it is a hybrid solar eclipse that unfortunately will not be visible in Mexico, but in other countries such as Australia, Papua, New Zealand, New Guinea and Indonesia.

However, astrologically we will experience a phenomenon of astro energetic influence, that is to say, we will be able to feel the energy of the Eclipse in ourselves.

The Hybrid Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with a special particularity because it is when an annular solar eclipse, a partial solar eclipse and a total solar eclipse coincide; all at the same time.

Such an event will not occur until 2031 and has not occurred since 2005.

According to astrology, the eclipse will occur at the 29th degree of mastery because it concentrates the energy of the alchemy of Aries.

We are immersed in the evolutionary portal full of warrior energy. It is possible to be already feeling the story of heaven in the cosmic energy that reaches us daily.

The energy that characterizes Aries is "I Am" that is why the eclipse emphasizes the energy of reaffirmation, and it is possible that aspects of our life that we had hidden for reasons external to us, return and resurface to reaffirm reactively in the emotion and declare the truth of each one.

There is a return to the waters of origin and there is a deep feeling. The human beings more sensitive to the energy of the sky will seek beauty and in the face of an imminent change of route after the powerful energy of the eclipse will produce that humans accept themselves and live moments of consolidation and power.

It is a good opportunity to embrace and let us embrace so that the energy expands among the beings living around us and if there was someone not very sensitive to the force of the cosmos, with an embrace can be charged with the universal energy.

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