Interview with Dr. Irydia Pellegrini, Stem Cell Medical Research

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Stem cells and stem cell-derived products present enormous potential for new medical treatments

The following is an interview with Dr. Irydia Pellegrini - Traumatologist and Orthopedist CellsTime Clinique and Medical Researcher at the University of Guadalajara. The interview is a discussion of Regenerative Medicine in Traumatology (Joint problems, prevention and treatment)

"Joints are the union of two of more bones in the human body"

What are the joints?
It is the union of two or more bones in the human body that allows us to have mobility and perform the activities of daily life we know them as the knee, ankle, hip, shoulder.

What are these joints composed of?
The joint has many components that we know as soft tissues, specifically the knee, is a joint that is composed of meniscus and ligaments, capsule that surrounds and protects the joint, synovial fluid and cartilage. Broadly speaking, they compose all large or small joints.

What are the main affectations?
Osteoarthritis is the wear and tear of the joints in all people as time goes by, however all injuries prior to osteoarthritis trigger it, for example: instability is when there is damage to a bone component or soft tissue, makes the joint can not carry out its function properly triggering damage to soft tissues, instabilities, injuries and fractures.

At what age do they occur?
In young athletes we are talking about an age of 16 to 29 years. There can be injuries of meniscus, ligament, fat around the knee that can also become inflamed, tendons in their insertion site where they join the bone, it does not have to be high performance athletes.

Are shoulder injuries more complicated?
In the shoulder we have what we call rotator cuff, it is composed of many tendons that help us to make the movement of the whole shoulder, backwards and forwards, many times one or two components of this rotator cuff are injured, the pain is important. Some people learn to live with the pain.

What happens to the hip when it is damaged?
In the hip the main thing is the bony part, the bones begin to damage the cartilage, specifically it is also a little thinner, because of all the movements it makes, it gets damaged much faster, so it generates a lot of pain and even a fusion that, when sticking bone to bone, creates a very important stiffness. This is usually seen in older adults or in very young people who have had damage to the hip since birth due to some congenital disease.

3 Protocols by CellsTime Clinique, mesenchymal stem cell infiltration.
In CellsTime Clinique we have three protocols in shoulder (In an affectation to the rotator cuff some tear or some inflammation in the tendons), hip and knee focused on osteoarthritis as wear to the joints.

interview cellstime

In the shoulder in the rotator cuff, has this protocol of infiltration of stem cells already been performed in civil hospitals?
Yes, 2 years ago a protocol was performed on the rupture of the supraspinatus tendon, which is the one that allows us to make the lateral and frotal movement of the shoulder, i.e. movements such as the cross and forward, we made a protocol, It consisted of 26 people with a partial tear, that is to say that the tendon was not completely ruptured but more than 30% (Note that the literature states that a tear greater than 30% is very difficult to heal on its own and it is necessary to have surgery). Then it was infiltrated and accompanied with therapy against another group that only did rehabilitation and there was an improvement in more than 55% of the patients.

When a person wants to participate in these protocols, what are the steps to follow? How does the infiltration of stem cells in the shoulder work?
For people who are interested, they should come to an initial assessment appointment at CellsTime Clinique, we have an ultrasound that will help us to make the review at the time if necessary to assess the rupture, edema a-nd assess whether people are candidates or not.

So it is not necessary to have a previous study, after the assessment we will see if it is necessary to do another more specific study, with the assessment appointment we can make a lot of progress, speaking of knee and hip if it is convenient to have some initial x-rays, they have to be when we are standing to know what position they adopt when we are in full support but the assessment appointment with simple x-rays is enough.

Has CellsTime Cliniques recently obtained a license as a regenerative medicine center by Mexican health authorities?
Yes the license authorized by COFEPRIS institution that endorses all health institutions with research protocols, offices, everything that has to do with health, medicines and others, is the regulatory institute of all this to obtain a license must meet certain requirements, and the clinic has them is known as a center of regenerative medicine that meets all the requirements, then the security we have in the clinic when performing any treatment is certified.

We are in the final part of infiltration of mesenchymal stem cells for osteoarthritis of the knee, many improvements have been observed, I cannot give you more specific percentages of the result, but very good results were seen, at first sight the patients are very happy.

We have other protocols to start but it talks about that maybe this can help us to the faster fracture consolidation, to the faster healing of the tendons and to the decrease of pain, it has left us very surprised, it is not magic, it is not going to be removed the day after the infiltration, we must let these cells do their work, However, we have seen that a month after the application the pain is gone up to 80% or up to 90%, people who could not walk a full block or exercise, their quality of life has changed a lot, pain is the key, a patient will come to you because pain is the pivotal symptom is also the biggest indicator that things are going well if they are removed, the truth is that all our patients have improved a lot.

Something very important to mention, it is not a cure, it is a treatment that is going to work because they are cells treated and analyzed in the Lcells laboratory. They have a completely studied process, the use of stem cells is also endorsed and has a license by COFEPRIS and at an international level by the FDA, it is endorsed for many things.

The case that I can talk to you about is the infiltration of the shoulder or knee, if it is true the truth is that it has a very important improvement, they do their job, but the experience that I have seen a month or a month and a half later you see improvements.

For more information, you can reach CellsTime Clinique at +52 322 352-2378 Direct and WhatsApp