Rising Cases Of Psychosocial Disability In Puerto Vallarta

Mental Health
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New cases of psychosocial disability have emerged in Puerto Vallarta. Authorities urge caution regarding mental health.

Since 2016, the Federal Government of Mexico, through the Ministry of Health, has been warning about numerous cases of psychosocial disability. This refers to limitations faced by individuals experiencing temporary or permanent dysfunctions of the mind, hindering them from performing one or more daily activities. Psychosocial disability is associated with mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. It can be a temporary or permanent condition, typically appearing in adolescence or early adulthood. A key warning sign is a radical change in personality, customs, and/or habits. Those affected by this condition find their capacity to carry out daily activities limited.

In Puerto Vallarta, the institution responsible for addressing such cases is the DIF (Integral Family Development System). Through its Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center (CRI), with the support of Jalisco Health Services, DIF issues certificates and credentials to individuals with psychosocial disabilities. The goal is to officially recognize the type of disability, enabling them to access various social support and discounts on services such as local and long-distance public transportation. Additionally, they gain entry to recreational facilities like parks, museums, and theaters in Jalisco. Obtaining this credential, coupled with a psychiatric evaluation, could potentially qualify the person with psychosocial disabilities for a pension if they are under 30 years old in Jalisco.

Health authorities caution that Puerto Vallarta faces an excessive use of drugs like marijuana, which can act as triggers for such disabilities, especially in individuals who start substance use at an early age, i.e., before the age of 14. Therefore, it is crucial that if the aforementioned characteristics are observed, individuals seek help from a specialist not only to guide them through the necessary processes but also to contribute to improving the patient's overall health.