Puerto Vallarta's Fight Against Stroke

General Health
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Neuroscience Workshop

Through Neuro Wellness and Joya Hospital, a workshop was held last Saturday aimed at educating and addressing various neurological conditions. This course, titled "Current Concepts in Vascular Neurology," was conducted by José Darío Ochoa, an internist with expertise in clinical neurology and vascular diseases. The purpose of this workshop was to share the latest concepts in this medical field, emphasizing that Mexico lags behind the rest of the world by at least 10 years.

Staying at the forefront, especially in advancements related to neuroscience and cerebrovascular diseases, is crucial for the medical field. According to data from INEGI, cerebrovascular diseases rank among the top 10 causes of death in Mexico for individuals over 45 years old. Last year, there were 36,152 deaths attributed to these diseases, with 17,997 women and 18,155 men affected.

It's time for Puerto Vallarta to work towards reducing mortality rates and preventing the aftermath of such diseases. Today, there are new tools and criteria that aid in offering alternatives to patients, saving lives, and preventing disabilities.

It is crucial for both doctors and patients to recognize the precise symptoms of this disease because prompt attention reduces the risk of disability. Maintaining a healthy weight, following a balanced diet, and refraining from smoking are recommended to prevent stroke caused by this disease. Immediate attention is necessary if the patient experiences language problems, weakness, or sensory issues, as time is crucial in preserving neurons. Most risk factors are preventable and controllable, encouraging Vallarta's citizens to make better decisions and adopt healthy lifestyles while adjusting environments and adhering to medical treatments, if necessary.