9 Thousand Doses Remained Unapplied In Vallarta

General Health
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The doses against covid-19 that were planned to be applied had to be stored due to lack of attendance.

Of the 30 thousand Astra Zeneca doses available to be applied during four days in Puerto Vallarta, 21 thousand people were inoculated, which means that 70 percent of the biologicals that were sent for the vaccination campaign that took place this week in this city were applied. According to the report of the VIII Sanitary Region at the end of the fourth consecutive day that took place in the two usual venues which are La Lija and the Naval Hospital, on the last day 5 thousand 490 vaccines were administered. The largest number of people who received a dose of Astra Zeneca was recorded on Tuesday, with 5,520, after 5,340 were administered on Monday, a figure similar to the one recorded on Wednesday.

IN FIGURES The amount of inoculated biologicals between first and second doses, as well as in the booster for people from 40 to 59 years old, met the expectations of the authorities of the Health sector. Also attended, although to a lesser extent, were older adults who had not gone two weeks ago when the Astra Zeneca booster doses began to be applied in that age range. During these days, last Tuesday, Sinovac was also included to complete the vaccination schedule for stragglers who had already received the first dose. One hundred doses of Sinovac were administered on Tuesday and 300 on Wednesday. Yesterday, at the end of the campaign, there was no information on the number of Sinovac vaccines inoculated. Thus, there were 6 thousand doses of this biological product, so only less than 10 percent were administered