Cases Of Covid-19 In Schools In Jalisco Remain Low

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The strategy designed for the return to the classroom in Jalisco has worked

In the third week of the return to classes, the strategy designed for the return to the classroom in Jalisco has worked. The rate of active cases of Covid-19 detected in basic education schools is 0.0137 percent in students, that is, 228 active cases; meanwhile, 284 cases were registered in educational personnel, equivalent to 0.2297 percent of the total workforce. Cases were identified in 399 schools, which corresponds to 2.97 percent of the 13,415 basic education schools in the state. According to the epidemiological follow-up carried out by the Jalisco Ministry of Health (SSJ) in coordination with the Jalisco Ministry of Education (SE), it is reported that in the group of students from 3 to 14 years old (basic education) there are 1,314 cases that started symptoms in the last 15 days, of which only 228 were identified in schools.

Most of the positive cases in this age range occurred in the AMG with 1,127, given that this area has a higher demographic concentration. ATTENDANCE Due to the effectiveness of the sanitary measures against Covid-19 in Jalisco and the evolution of the sanitary emergency, the Health Board approved that as of January 17, basic education students will return to face-to-face classes with an optional scheme, i.e. Jalisco will maintain its hybrid education model, so that parents or guardians who do not want to send their children to school can continue with the distance learning modality. According to the SE, this past week 84.53 percent of preschool, elementary and high school students attended, that is, 1,403,665 students decided to return to the face-to-face education model. With the back-to-school model in Jalisco, 99.60 percent of schools are still open to receive students in their classes. Although the distance education model is maintained and will be applicable as required by the needs of students or the agreements of the Mesa de Salud.

EDUCATIONAL PERSONNEL Likewise, since January 19, the COVID-19 Random Test Application Model for Educational Personnel was implemented in schools. This strategy consists of randomly applying tests to educational personnel in the municipalities with the highest rates of active cases in the state, with the objective of detecting positive cases and isolating those affected in a timely manner, minimizing the risk of contagion and providing appropriate follow-up to each one of them. This week, a total of 386 antigen tests were taken in 64 schools, of which only 7 were positive, i.e. 1.8 percent. In order for the sample to be representative and useful, around 384 random tests will be performed each week in selected schools in the State, which will be chosen based on the rate of active cases per municipality, its geographic location and the number of workers it has