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It will have specialized clinical analysis

The civil association with more than 12 years of community work, Solidaridad Ed, Thomas AC, SETAC, inaugurated in Puerto Vallarta a laboratory of clinical analysis, specialized in sexual health and low cost, for the benefit of the LGBT+ community and the population in general.

Dr. Miguel Buenrostro Guevara, med ical director of SETAC, informed that the main service it will provide is the detection of up to 11 sexually transmitted infections, with a single procedure of taking a sample for the patient's community and the particularity that it has medical and psychological accompaniment.

"This service is unique in Vallarta, because with a single sampling procedure, the patient will know through a PCR test, whether or not he/she suffers from up to 11 sexually transmitted infections, such as Herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, mycoplasma, trichomoniasis, ureaplasma, treponema, hemophilus, among others that can be detected in the community. Hemophilus, among others that complement the blood samples for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis, and also without leaving people adrift, as they are given treatment and psychological support," he explained.

The doctor added that this laboratory also processes CD4 cell count studies, to know the immune system of people living with HIV and thus monitor their treatment.

"The type of studies we offer are not available in any other laboratory, for example, the CD4 count is only done in Guadalajara and people have to wait more than a week to know their results; with us, the response time is 20 minutes," said Buenrostro Guevara.

The laboratory offers services in the Versalles neighborhood and Zona Romántica .

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