Shipment Of 500,000 Vaccines Arrives In Jalisco

General Health
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AstraZeneca's doses will be applied to the population of 40

Jalisco received 500,000 vaccines from the Federation, which will be used for the opening of two important vaccination days, explained the head of the State Health Secretariat (SSJ), Fernando Petersen Aranguren, who led the reception of the shipment. "These vaccines will be used for boosters for people over 40 years of age and for a new vaccination day for all those people over 18 years of age who for some reason have not yet received any vaccines, in other words, those who have not yet been vaccinated," said the head of the SSJ. This is the 54th delivery of vaccines to the Jalisco entity, since January 2021, and the second shipment of vaccines against COVID-19 received this year. The 500,000 vaccines are from the AstraZeneca laboratory and will allow Jalisco to continue with the goal of covering the entire adult population of the state. To date, Jalisco has received a total of 10 million 328 thousand 162 doses of vaccine.

Last night's delivery was one of the largest in number destined for our state and will be applied in accordance with the National Vaccination Plan. The Secretary of Health commented that Jalisco maintains a good pace in the application of the vaccine, thanks to the strengthening of the vaccination strategy, which has allowed the application of more than 346,000 doses last week alone, so he reiterated to the population not to miss this new opportunity to get vaccinated. "These vaccines will be applied in metropolitan macro-modules as well as in each municipal capital in the 125 municipalities throughout the state," he said, after recalling that the vaccines are safe, protect those who receive them from serious complications and reduce the risk of death from COVID-19 infection. The SSJ invites the population to get information through the official channels of the State Government, the Ministry of Health of Jalisco and the municipalities, as well as on the website coronavirus.jalisco.gob.mx, where all the details of the opening of vaccination days against COVID-19 will be announced. Likewise, it is reminded that even if vaccinated, other preventive measures should be followed, especially the correct use of masks, frequent hand washing and avoiding crowds.