The Government Has Officially Admitted That Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

General Health
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marihuanafrontThe idea weed could actually do a lot of good, especially for those with serious illnesses and cancer, has been circulating around for a while now.

While countries such as Canada and potentially Ireland are deep in discussions to legalise marijuana particularly for medical purposes – the drug still attracts a lot of controversy.

With more and more research behind it, it seems using cannabis for medical reasons – and especially if you do have cancer – is becoming much more of a viable health option you can legitimately trust.

The American government certainly seems to think so, as they’ve now added the use of weed to their official cancer advice website.

It reads: Cannabinoids may be useful in treating the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment.

It then went on to imply the drug could be ingested by smoking, eating it, drinking it or spraying it into the mouth.

So not only have they explained the ways in which weed can be used, but they have also listed the benefits which cannabis can bring to those needing it for medical purposes.

These include: Anti-inflammation, pain relief, anti-anxiety, stress relief, anti-tumour, antiviral activity and relief of muscle spasms.

After many scientific studies, The National Cancer Institute – which is part of the U.S Department of Health – have now revised their publications to suggest marijuana could actually kill cancer cells and potentially shrink tumours.

It seems the American government are now coming round to the idea weed could actually be used to treat cancer patients and has a plethora of benefits.

Now one of the biggest countries in the world has accepted the drug could really do some good for patients, perhaps others will follow suit…

Source: UNILAD