Bear Pride Puerto Vallarta 2024

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The Largest Festival for the Gay Bear Community.

The gay bear community is a vibrant and diverse part of the LGBTQ+ world. Bears, known for their hefty appearance, facial and body hair, and welcoming attitude, have created a subculture that celebrates masculinity in all its forms. This community not only encompasses gay men but also includes bisexual and transgender individuals who identify with bear values and aesthetics. Within the bear community, a sense of camaraderie and mutual acceptance is fostered. Social events such as parties, gatherings, and bear-specific festivals provide safe spaces where members can connect, share experiences, and form lasting friendships. Diversity is a fundamental pillar, and the inclusion of bears of different races, cultures, ages, and backgrounds is valued.

Bearadise Bear Pride returns to Puerto Vallarta for the fourth consecutive year to celebrate the pride of being a bear from May 23rd to 26th, 2024. The program of activities includes the famous Bearadise Beach Party, held at the private beach of Las Caletitas on Friday, May 24th, from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm; and a lively tour on the Bear Party Bus (limited to 30 people), on Saturday, May 25th, the day of the Pride Parade in Puerto Vallarta.

The mission for Bears in Puerto Vallarta is to create a strong and loving global community for bears in Puerto Vallarta and their bear admirers, embracing a fun, inclusive, body-positive, safe, and sexy lifestyle. Bearadise is for gay bears and bear lovers looking to have a fantastic time. As for its vision for Bears in Puerto Vallarta, it is to build the largest global community network of bears coming together for good times and for the betterment of their communities. Bearadise is for gay bears.

Values are important to bears in Puerto Vallarta, and as Bearadise is for gay bears, we want to share our values with you.

*Customer Obsession: We treat all our customers as VIPs. We take care of you from start to finish.

*Inclusion and Diversity: We celebrate every body.

*Creativity: We provide fresh, new, and original experiences.

*Teamwork: We work alongside our sponsors, community, influencers, and business leaders to constantly exceed our customers' expectations.

*Love: We value and nurture the relationships we build. We care about everyone's safety, comfort, and well-being. We treat our customers like our friends
In addition to being a social community, bears have also developed a political identity. Many bear groups engage in LGBTQ+ activism, advocating for equal rights and visibility of queer people in society. This active participation demonstrates that the bear community is not only about fun and camaraderie but also seeks to make a positive impact on the world around them. The gay bear community is a welcoming and diverse space where people can celebrate their masculinity, connect with other members, and contribute to the LGBTQ+ movement in its fight for equality and acceptance.

For ticket sales and more information about Bearadise Bear Pride and its fantastic events, visit the Official Page: