Puerto Vallarta Will Be Almost Full This Weekend.

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Hotels in Puerto Vallarta will be at 85% occupancy during Easter Week.

What used to be traditional holidays for national tourists has now become a fascinating opportunity for international tourists. Thanks to the accessibility and beauty of this tourist paradise called Puerto Vallarta, we find more foreigners occupying the city's hotels than Mexicans.

Our beautiful beaches are increasingly visited by tourists from more countries around the world, with English tourists making the most reservations this year, as stated by the municipal tourism director, Christian Preciado Cázares. He also mentioned that although 85% occupancy is confirmed, it is expected that we will reach 95% occupancy this Easter weekend.

It is estimated that domestic tourism has shifted towards using digital platforms for staying in Puerto Vallarta during their vacations, hence the higher number of foreigners in the hotel industry. However, the tourism director emphasized the importance of considering new investments in the hotel sector due to the tremendous demand for rooms.

This destination continues to attract tourists, which is why the streets will always see a predominance of domestic tourism during Easter, as it is understood that there are national holidays that help plan the rest of tourists coming from most states of the Republic.

So it will be a weekend with many visitors to the city, some national, others international, but all with the same surprise of finding a paradise on Earth, a true dream for tourists. It's time for the people of Vallarta to show why they are called the friendliest town in the world.