"Eagle Wings" Fundraising Support for "Wirrárika" Culture In Bahía De Banderas

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Embracing the Sierra for the "Wirrarika" Brothers

The "Eagle Wings" Foundation issued a call to participate in a collection of food and supplies destined for 150 "Wirrárika" families currently working in the territories of Bahía de Banderas, where they will be facing extreme conditions. The areas they inhabit are "El Guatante" and "Fortuna de Vallejo".

The "Wirrárika" Nation has endured for over 500 years living in the Sierra, between Nayarit and Jalisco. They belong to the Chichimecas and carry within them the deepest culture of ancient Mexico. This Nation has its own language, customs, and traditions that astonish the world with their craftsmanship, as beautiful as any artwork by the greatest global artist.

Unfortunately, these groups have been affected by extremely precarious living conditions, sometimes without food and unable to cultivate. Every winter season, numerous families travel to Bahía de Banderas to work in agriculture. However, the working conditions are dire. That's why the "Eagle Wings" Foundation has decided to issue a call to assist all these people who represent the real Mexico.

During the winter season, from December to March, over 150 families settle in housing pens in the area, some of which are even rented, and where it gets very cold. Therefore, community support is requested to help all these families with mattresses, blankets, clothing, milk, chocolate, biscuits, and canned food.

In-kind donations can be taken to 622 Francia Street in the Lomas del Coapinole neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta, at the Eagle's Impulse Bazaar, and deposits and transfers can be made to account 4217470044411235 in the name of César Gabriel Sánchez.

The Great Mexican Culture nurtured by the Wirrárika Nation needs the support of Mexico's admirers. Mexico has a long history, and if we want to preserve these groups, it's essential that we take action to care for and protect them, especially to safeguard the children who represent the assured future of Mexico's vibrant past.