Dama Juana Festival

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Raicilla Festival 2024.

The Vallarta Institute of Culture has announced its call to develop the Dama Juana Raicilla Festival, which will take place on the upcoming days March 15, 16, and 17 from 12 to 10 pm at the esplanade of the Vallarta Institute of Culture on the Cuale River.

Throughout 7 editions, the Vallarta Institute of Culture has been concerned with creating, more than just a Raicilla festival, a tribute to the producers of this beverage who, through their work, effort, and dedication, offer us this regional and artisanal drink typical of the Western Sierra Costa region. Over the years, the objective has been fulfilled as it is an event eagerly anticipated annually by all Raicilla producers in the region. It has helped promote tourism in sister municipalities through Raicilla production as well as its value as cultural sustenance. With great success, we can say that the Dama Juana Festival has brought international attention to a previously little-known festival, thanks to the tourist characteristics of our municipality of Puerto Vallarta.

In this seventh edition, we have the participation of 5 municipalities: Mixtán, San Sebastián del Oeste, Cabo Corrientes, Mascota, and Puerto Vallarta. There will be Raicilla stands as well as food stands, so attendees can not only taste this delicious beverage but also enjoy various Mexican dishes.

With the aim of enriching the event culturally, there will also be the presentation of a book by the Chapingo Foundation by the researcher and founder, engineer Salvador Galindo and David Benjamín Vanguarte.

The word Raicilla is a syncretism born of mestizaje. Regarding the origin of the curious name, María Antonia tells us that "while in the Western Sierra they called their distillate 'lechuguilla wine' or 'mountain wine,' the name Raicilla arises on the coast of Jalisco, where producers name the offshoots that sprout from agaves in this way.
At a press conference, the Chapingo Foundation announced that the Raicilla museum will be inaugurated here in Puerto Vallarta. You can't miss this great festival full of dance with the Xiutla Ballet, Mexican music from mariachi to northern groups.