Impressive Butterfly Garden In Puerto Vallarta.

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Magical Garden Butterfly House.

Just 30 minutes from Downtown Puerto Vallarta and nestled in the mountains between the Cañadas and Mojoneras neighborhoods lies the Butterfly Sanctuary in Puerto Vallarta. A space of love, attention, and care for the different species of butterflies that inhabit Puerto Vallarta. A relatively young project with a promising venture and an invaluable contribution to the People of Puerto Vallarta.

It has been a challenging journey for Fabian Reyes and his partner, who are the founders of this great project. And I say this because they had to face the challenges brought by the Pandemic and then faced the disasters of the hurricane, and despite the devastating trials, they have been able to move forward, even with the technical inconveniences to sustain the care of these butterflies, such as the use of fertilizer-free food to protect the pets. That's why in this space, plants are cultivated to provide the necessary habitat for butterflies, so they can fulfill the purpose of their lives, flying, eating, playing, fighting, mating, and reproducing.

The experience of getting to know the world of butterflies is incredible, and every Vallarta resident should be able to live this sensation of being part of the world of "Fairies," as many children call them, recognizing the magic of these beautiful insects that begin their story as caterpillars, crawling and struggling to protect themselves from predators by climbing onto tree leaves to build their own homes and thus produce the wonderful effect of their Transformation, the Metamorphosis.

Incredibly, Fabian Reyes is not a biologist, but he has learned everything about butterflies from the best biologists in the city, from readings and conferences to working with them at the Butterfly House itself, getting to know every detail of the butterfly's life. For example, Fabian comments that "When there are colorful caterpillars, it means they are parasitized, but there are colorful caterpillars with black spines that allow them to protect themselves from insects that may parasitize them or other predators that want to eat them..." And just like this piece of information, there are many special facts he learned in the wonderful world of butterflies.

The importance of butterflies in our city comes from their function, that is, butterflies have the task of pollinating and thus allowing the plant life of our ecosystem, an important task for everyone since 75% of crops are pollinated by butterflies and moths, even mosquitoes contribute to pollination.

If you are interested in getting to know and experiencing the Butterfly House Magical Garden, the only one in Puerto Vallarta, come and visit its facilities in Campo Verde Subdivision, Golondrina Street 60A, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; there are guided tours explained by friendly biologists dedicated to the care and protection of the butterflies of Puerto Vallarta every day. Here is their page so you can learn more about Butterflies.