Classical Music Concerts Begin In Puerto Vallarta: The Summer Concerts Of Vallarta Symphony Orchestra

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A Harmonious Celebration: Embracing the Baroque Era with Musical Brilliance

Starting from the first day of July, the summer celebration kicks off with a concert at Puerto Mágico at 7 pm on July 1st. The second concert will take place at the Cultural Center of Biblioteca Los Mangos on July 2nd of this year.

"Venice in Vallarta" sets the stage for the first summer concert as the Vallarta Symphony Orchestra brings Vivaldi's Venice to our beautiful port. They will be accompanied by the Bucerías Choir and the Puerto Vallarta Choir, performing Francesco Durante's "Magnificat" and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's eternal masterpiece, "Symphony No. 40."

The repertoire was carefully selected, centered around Antonio Vivaldi's "Summer," in celebration of the current season we are experiencing. Although this music is well-known, it still vividly describes the sweltering heat and summer storms with the same clarity it did during the Baroque era in Venice.

The violinist Ángel Olea Romero will be the featured soloist of the night. The pinnacle of the concert will be reached with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Symphony No. 40, showcasing the elegance, profound expression, and beautiful phrases characteristic of the Austrian style, making Mozart the most significant composer of the Baroque era.

In collaboration with two different choirs, the concert will present a Baroque masterpiece that expertly blends choruses, soloists, and orchestra with mastery and vigor. It promises to be a concert of exceptional quality, from the interpretation and repertoire selection to the esteemed audience it attracts.