A Superheroes Social Gathering

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Salsa and its vibrant social gatherings filled with music and dance.

On Saturday, August 12th, the Salsa-Bachata-Cumbia Social event took place. Primarily, it's a dance event featuring a live band performing salsa, bachata, and cumbia music, accompanied by a DJ who keeps the music playing while the band takes breaks. Occasionally, dance exhibitions or shows are included. In this instance, there was a show by "Latin Team Productions by Benny Rodríguez."

The event was organized by Aldo Tera, with a theme of Superheroes vs Favorite Villains. The social was dubbed "Night of Superheroes vs Villains - Marvel vs DC." These parties occur every two or three months with the intention of fostering a sense of community among Latin dance groups. It provides an opportunity for local salsa academies to interact and share experiences.

On this occasion, full credit goes to Aldo Tera, who undertook the task of coordinating, organizing, and securing resources for this grand event. He successfully brought together multiple performers to immerse themselves in the magic of the night and the unparalleled dance experience. The event lasted for 5 hours, beginning at 9:30 pm and concluding at 2:30 am. "The Panamá Band" was responsible for providing the vibrant Latin rhythms at the party.

Events like these don't receive institutional support, but they are fueled by the loving enthusiasm of all Latin dance enthusiasts who relish and enjoy a social gathering that promotes joy in everyone's lives.